Sunday, April 8, 2012

All things Easter!

Happy Easter!  What a great day to remember Jesus Christ and to be together as a family.  Our girls also get to enjoy the fact that the Easter bunny visits our home.  They thought their baskets were pretty cool.  They also thought is was funny that the Easter Bunny knew their shoe sizes.

Poor Violet was sick with a fever and ear infection.  She wasn't as excited about Easter as the rest of the girls.  She didn't even get to wear her Easter dress to church.

Maddie and her goodies.

Savannah was a happy girl.

Ellie loved her jump rope.

The tradition in our home is to get a new Easter dress every year.  This year I decided to also make each of the girls matching hair pretties that perfectly go with their dresses.  They were a pretty big hit!

Maddie and Violet got the yellow dresses.  When Violet feels better she is going to love to match her big Sister.

Savannah LOVES a new dress.  Dresses are her favorite.

Ellie is truly starting to look so grown up.  She is so beautiful.

We are so grateful to celebrate another Easter, to have great family, for healing medicine and for great sales on cute dresses.  Pure joys of life.