Thursday, March 31, 2011

TN Mana and Papa

We had the best few days with Mana and Papa.  The girls got spoiled and so did Moroni and me.  We played games, music and swam every chance we got.  We loved our time with them and wished more than anything that they lived closer.  What great moments and memories we will have forever!

We love you Mana and Papa!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Violet's Blessing

What a special day.  Today we got to bless our fourth daughter, Violet Elaine.  It was so wonderful because we had many family and friends there to be a part of it.  Daddy blessed her with laughter, a Temple marriage, family, friends, the ability to succeed in school and to be a peace maker with her sisters.  I was so over-come with emotion and there was no tissue in sight.  I always feel touched during these moments.  The best part was having my three Brothers, my Dad, Moroni's Dad, and Brother with their families to enjoy this moment with us.  Thank you Moroni for making me a happy Mother of four beautiful girls.

She is the extra sparkle in our life that we didn't even know was missing.  We love you Violet!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

"I'm Madelyn..."

For those of you who know our third daughter Madelyn know that you laugh most of the time you are around her.  We call her our little "ham" because she is just so funny and no matter how much you wish you could not sometimes, you end up laughing.  Yesterday she cracked us up yet again.  She was quietly playing in her room for a little while and all of a sudden she runs into the living room and announces "I'm poopy!!"  Of course we started to laugh.  Then we asked her "Aren't you Madelyn?"  She paused a half a second and said "I'm Madelyn and...I'm POOPY!!!"  How did we get so lucky???

Here are some other pics of her being a "ham."

We love you Madelyn!  Thanks for the laughs...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Of course it is."

Is Winter starting to get longer or is it just me?  I think ever since we had kids over 7 years ago, Winter has gotten longer.  In the past few weeks in our house every single child has been sick with something.  Some more than others.  Last night as I was thinking about what it's been like for us these past few weeks I had to crack a smile.  My dear friend and I have this saying... "of course it is."  Her and I tend to have kids that are always sick and they always seem to get things that are so rare.  So we started joking whenever we came home from the doctor to each other that "Of course it is."  For example: Violet has a herniated umbilical cord.  Only 10% of babies have this and it is mostly in African American children.  So my first thought "Of course it is."  I could tell you 100's of examples like this, but I won't because I don't have the time or you don't have the patience.  What I will say is that as I laid in my bed and thought about all the wonderful things in my life, the wonderful people and how blessed I really am, I thought is this really my life?  My answer...
"Of course it is."

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Are you really old enough?

We have had a week full of sick kids.  Our poor Savannah has been back and forth to the doctor and her fever has been up and down all week.  With a lot of prayers, medicine and faith we are hopeful that she has turned a corner.  Today half of us were home and the other half went to church.  When Ellie came home Violet was having a rough time and Mommy and Daddy were both needed by other kids.  So Ellie took it upon herself to pick up Violet and try to make her feel better.

At first I looked and her and thought "Are you really old enough?"  As she walked her around and talked sweetly to her, my question was answered.  She is old enough and right before my eyes she has become such a little Mom.  I'm so proud to be Ellie's Mom and I am in NO HURRY for her to be a Mom!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

For my Dad!

Happy St. Patricks Day!  Over the last few years this day has come to mean more for me because it means so much to someone I care a lot Dad.  My Dad in the last few years has really come to embrace his Irish heritage and their fashion.  I love my Dad dearly and so I thought in honor of him I would look up some fun facts about this day.  So here goes:

1. St. Patrick wasn’t Irish
2. JFK forgot St. Patrick’s Day
3. There are more Irish-Americans than Irish
4. A lot more pints on St. Patrick’s Day
5. The Chicago River runs green

(To find full details of each fact visit... )

To the BEST Papa and the greatest Dad...Happy St. Patty's Daddy!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Where is the garbage?

When you don't feel good there are some things that become pretty hazy.  For example you might have a hard time reading, or remembering something specific or just not be able to function.  Well, apparently for some people when they are sick they also forget where the garbage is.  Our sweet Savannah has been pretty sick now for a few days.  She ended up having an upper-respiratory infection and strep throat.  Today she asked if she could have a starburst.  I being the amazing Mom that I am said "sure."  A few minutes later Savannah came in and I noticed that she had left the kitchen for a little while.  My Mommy intuition spiked and I asked her where she put her wrapper?  She said "I forgot."  I reminded her that it happened less than a minute ago.  After minutes of discussion she finally showed me where she threw out her wrapper.  She decided that she would go to our room and throw it behind our red comforter.  So to clarify she got the candy from the kitchen(where the garbage is), left the kitchen and threw the wrapper away in our room...on the floor...behind our comforter!  The crazy part was, I wasn't even mad.  Moroni and I could not stop laughing.  It was so random and weird and we just could not stop ourselves. 

So what we learned today is, when you are sick...really sick, you forget the simplest things.  And all of a sudden your parents room turns out to be a garbage can. 

I think I have some cleaning to do...

Monday, March 14, 2011

The power of flowers

6 weeks and I finally feel like I can breathe a little deeper, enjoy every moment a little more fully, and actually shower:)
"Mom...another picture of me?"
"Does this hat go with my skin tone?"
"What are you looking at?"
"I love to stare at my sisters and all the angels that are watching over me from Heaven.  It's good to be me!"

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

5 years ago today...

My sweet girl, my cuddle bug, my 100% Mama's girl was born.  Savannah Marilyn was born at 9:39 am and was the easiest delivery.  She also turned out to be the easiest baby too.  I remember she started sleeping through the night after 2 weeks.  She is so loving and caring and I am grateful everyday that I get to be her Mom. 

Today did not quite turn out like we planned.  We got a good amount of snow and then school ended up being canceled.  Savannah was so bummed and then our Mommy/Daughter date had to be postponed too.  BUT, the birthday did go on.  We played games, danced, finger painted, did make-over with Mommy, ate yummy food, opened presents and had some family come to help us party it up right. 

She is even more beautiful on the inside then she is on the outside.
WE all love you Savannah!  Happy Birthday baby.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Some of us show up at a bridal "shower" with gifts...

...and some of us show up and are confused what kind of "shower" it is! :-)
(Moroni is truly the funniest, sweetest best guy in the whole world.  Can you see why I fell in love with him?)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Who needs Chocolate anyway?

Violet and I have been fighting Thrush for three weeks now and my hope and prayer is that mastitis isn't next. We shall soon see.  To top it all off, the true love of my life, the reason I smile and what brings me pure joy has been taken away.  No, it's not Moroni it's...CHOCOLATE!!!  I love chocolate.  You can pretty much give me chocolate anything and I will eat it and love it.  Over 6 years ago I already had to give up my favorite companion of chocolate which is peanut butter.  But now, we have found that if I eat chocolate Violet is up most of the night crying.  So as I say goodbye to this food I love, I see this face...

...and I realize who needs chocolate anyway?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wacky Wednesday

It felt so good to let the girls get dressed on their own today. The reason you're wondering...well today at school was wacky Wednesday. Today they got to wear what ever they wanted and the wackier the better. So last night I told the girls, to make sure that nothing matched and it felt great to not have to worry about what they wore today. I even brought it up another notch and did some wacky hair. It was a big hit...

And now onto Violet.  She is a MONTH OLD!!  I know...where does the time go?  The girls however, are enjoying every moment with her and love being big sisters...

So on this wacky Wednesday, we really do have a wacky, crazy, busy, WONDERFUL life.  I wouldn't change a minute of it.