Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"That's all that matters!"

I have been a little absent lately but I've had a lot of time to think about my life.  About a week ago Moroni and I celebrated something kind of big.  8 years of our fairy tale marriage.  On that day I was sick, tired and all I wanted to do was make him dinner(it was a Sunday after all).  As I struggled through dinner I realized something.  I didn't have an aluminum foil!  You would think this would not normally be a big deal HOWEVER, for this dish I was making it was critical.  I got so upset that I started to cry and Moroni of course being so sweet said "It didn't matter and he didn't need this meal.  He had me and that's all that matters."  It's like my world stopped for a second and I looked at him and realized he was right.  I looked at this face that I had been looking at for almost 10 years and I knew that I was blessed.  Blessed more than I deserve.  Moroni is truly such a wonderful husband, friend and Father.  I look at him and realize that what we share really is all that matters.  So I stopped crying, I came up with a different meal and I am just so happy that in all the stress in my life, I have the one thing that matters most.  I married my best friend. 

Who needs aluminum foil?

Friday, June 18, 2010

"Mommy, when I have a baby..."

...will you come visit me?" 

Why are kids so cute??  We were driving back home today and Ellie wanted to know if I would come visit her when she had a baby?  It was so sweet and cute I had to laugh.  Savannah then asked if I would visit her too?  I let them both know that I would not only visit them but I would stay with them as long as they wanted.  A huge cheer erupted in my van.  I also made it clear that I do not want to be a grandma for a very long time and that they need to be 30 and very happily married first:).

I LOVE having our girls!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bowling with Uncle Dave

We were so blessed to have my awesome oldest brother David come and spend some quality time with our family.  He is a great brother and a fun Uncle.  The girls just love him and it was fun to have my big brother around.  We decided to show Dave a good time by taking him bowling.

Super Dave started us out.  I think he had a couple strikes!!

Then came "captain."  He had cute names for each of us.

"Captain" put my name under "Hottie."  So our girls kept cheering "Go hottie go.  Go hottie go."  Yes, he did feel kind of bad:).

Here's Ellie and Savannah cheering for Uncle Dave.

Madelyn was actually the only one who didn't really enjoy herself.  I think she wanted to bowl too.  Maybe next year baby!

Ellie ended up with 2 strikes, Savannah's score was in the 80's, and all 6 of us had a good time.  Thanks Uncle Dave for a very fun time!!  WE love you!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Last Day

I got in the car today to pick up Ellie from Kindergarten and it was for the last time.  As I drove up and pulled behind the many other parents picking up kids I was surprised to see how emotional I became.  Today was the last day my baby is ever going to be a kindergartner.  She is growing, learning and becoming even more of a little person.  So as I drove around and saw Ellie our cute little kindergartner I was filled with a lot of memories of the days and years leading up to today.  Before she went to school Moroni and I proceeded to tell her all these funny things about her when she was a baby.  She laughed and loved every minute of it.  So this goes out to all the Mom's who like me realized that their babies are growing up and there is nothing we can do about it but enjoy it. 

Congrats on a great year Ellie!!  1st grade here we come...

Friday, June 4, 2010

The show must go on...and on...and on...

Despite the fact that I have been sick, life around me has not slowed down.  This week is proof of that. Monday the girls started out the week with some classic water fun.  We bought a new sprinkler for the flowers and the girls just had to try it out. 
I know...she just gets cutter!!

Savannah finally "jumped the sprinkler."  Way to go baby!!

Ellie getting a good run.

Look at that amazing air!  We call him "Air Moroni" around here.

Next up this week was Ellie's Museum night at school.  Each child got to display a collection of things that they love.  Ellie choice a jewelry collection.

Ellie with her jewelry collection.  Her favorite item was a friendship bracelet.

Next up came field trip day.  Ellie got some great Daddy time.  They had a blast at Tommy Bartlett.

Daddy and Ellie.  I guess it's just a little too bright out for Ellie.

Nice hair!!

To end this AMAZING week, last night was Ellie's dance recital.  She had two different numbers, one tap and one ballet.  The theme was "Vegas."  It was fun to see all that hard work pay off,

PRETTY little bride.

Ellie's tap dance was to the song "Going to the Chapel."  All the little girls dressed up like little brides.  It was a little tear filled to see our little girl all dressed up for her wedding day. 

The second dance of the night was ballet to the song "That's Amore."  She did such a great job with both songs.  All the girls were just so cute!  We're so proud of you Ellie.

Ellie and her fan club.  Savannah just LOVED watching all the dancing.  Madelyn liked the ones with a good beat and lots of lights.  Between each number the lights would go out and Madelyn would always say "on"(as in please turn the lights back on.)

So after this week filled with activities and of course my cold.  We are looking forward to a nice calm family night tonight, filled with pizza, ice cream cake and a good movie.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just COLD!!

So day three of COLD.  I am pretty sure I have not been this sick and tired in a long time.  I continue to whine in hopes that it will help...:).  Mostly today I am thinking about the fact that I am missing my Kindergartners last field trip.  I was never able to go on one all year.  I promised her for weeks that no matter what I would be there.  Well, life and COLDS happen and there goes the fun.  I started to  have a pity party until I realized something...I am very blessed.  Our family is very blessed.  For example: Moroni stayed up with me all night last night as I was sick and couldn't sleep.  I was so grateful for him just being there.  He got me water, rubbed my back and just made sure I had enough tissues.  He got up this morning and decided to take the day off and go on the field trip with Ellie.  We told Ellie and she was so excited and I was so grateful.  I then spent the morning with our two girls and they kept checking in on me too.  Savannah would hand me a tissue and Madelyn kept coming up to me going "Mommy, okay?"  Then she would kiss different parts of my body so I could feel better.  "Mommy, okay?"  I was also blessed with a few phone calls of friends/family who care enough to see how I am doing.  I was so grateful and felt so loved.  Lunch came and I got a phone call from my sweetie "Mommy, how are you feeling?"  Ellie my sweet little girl called during her lunch on her field trip to see how I was. 

So as the cold keeps going I am left all warm inside by the love of those around me.  It also might be the fever kicking in ;-).

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hot and Cold

I think a lot of times people run "hot" and "cold."  I can tell sometimes when I have run into someone and they are having a good day or a bad one.  This past weekend was one where I was "hot" and "cold" A LOT.  I was "hot" about the fact that we had a three day weekend.  I love it when we get a whole extra day as a family.  I was "cold" about my ever growing to do list.  I was "hot" about the great food and fun I had on Memorial day.  I was "cold" when it all had to end and today had to come.  I was "hot" in knowing that we are now in June. We celebrate our anniversary this month and Moroni always plans something sweet.  But mostly I am just cold...because for the fifth June in a row I have a wicked cold that kept me up all night.  So here is to all things "hot" and "cold."