Friday, April 29, 2011

Change is coming

Recently we have found out that change is going to be a big part of our life.  I'm a person who doesn't mind change as long as it's change that I like.  So in other words I am normal.  I like fun and new things as along as they are covered in chocolate or wrapped in a pretty bow.  Even Madelyn is enjoying change.  Just recently, she has moved into a "big girl bed" and loving every minute of it.  The funny part has been the fact that after she is done with naptime she still sits and waits on her bed, calling my name until I come in her room and get her.  Soon I know that will change! 

She just loves her new bed.

Change continues to happen has we are now changing where we live.  Moroni has gotten a job in a different city in WI and we will be moving.  We will be changing jobs, houses, schools, dance, sports, our address and even our friends.  The above changes do not have anything to do with Chocolate so therefore I am not a fan!  I love where we live.  Love it.  I love the people, the city, our home and most of all the smiles on my kids faces as we enjoy this place together.  As we prepare to sell our home, our Realtor advised that we paint our kitchen from this amazing "chocolate purple" color to something more neutral.
See this beautiful color?  I love it.  It was so rich and I fell in love the moment I saw it.  I am also hoping that we will have what the picture states "bless our home."  I hope we are blessed with a fast sale, fast friendships and a pause button to enjoy the here and now.
So as I paint over the color I fell in love with.  I am reminded that not only is change coming, but it is clearly here to stay!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Too many pictures to count!

To describe our life is the last few weeks using only three words I would say...busy, busy and busy!!  We have had field trips, bowling(forgot the camera), out to lunches(completely free), hanging with family and friends, shopping and of course Easter!  What a wonderful Easter weekend.  The girls of course loved their Easter gifts but mostly this Easter we really talked about why we celebrate Easter.  We talked about what Jesus Christ did for us and what a blessing that truly was.  Ellie, Savannah and even Madelyn really got into it.  They asked a lot of questions and really retained why we celebrate it.  Even this morning Madelyn took out the scriptures and starting talking about how Jesus died for us.  I was so moved and I truly had a moment where I felt like I was a pretty good Mom.  No Easter however is complete with out the traditional Easter dresses.  When I was little my sweet Mom always made mine.  I am not as talented as she is, but I did want to do something extra special for the girls.  So I made each one of their hair pretties to match the dresses I found.  It took me a couple of hours but I was so happy with how they each turned out. 
Isn't Violet so pretty? 

Madelyn just makes you smile!

Savannah is such a "poser"
Ellie is yellow.  What a good combo.
All of my parents Grandkids on Easter.  They have such fun together.
Our FOUR princesses.
The Easter bunny was a big hit again this year.
Violet and Auntie Mar..ZZZZZZZ

Moroni got to go with Ellie's class to the Cave of the Mounds.  They had such a good time.  They especially liked the part where the rock "glowed."  Ellie just LOVED having Daddy there.

So truly BUSY BUSY BUSY is an understatement!

Friday, April 15, 2011


For years now we have all watched and waited...

For the moment when all the practicing would pay off...
And when the training wheels will be left behind...
For when fear would end and confidence be gained...
and finally...Triumph!!!
Way to go Ellie!  You are a bike rider.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"I want to go on the Ferry!!"

Yesterday was family home evening and we decided to do something a little different.  A friend of mine had a baby a few weeks ago and it was our opportunity to bring her and her family a meal.  The fun part about this is she lives right by a ferry.  So we thought why not take the girls on their first ferry ride.  It did not disappoint.  Unless your name is Savannah and you wanted to know "Where Tinker Bell was?"

  Favorite quotes from the ferry...
"What is that big thing?"
"That's not a fairy, that's a boat."
"What happens if our car falls in the water?"
"Dad, how does this float on the water and hold all of these cars?"
"Look!!  Look!!  Look!!"
"I know this isn't Tinkerbell, but I like this ferry too!"

So we had a great trip across Lake WI.  However, I got a little sea sick...I KNOW!!  Hopefully, that is not some new permanent thing I have.  So, sadly we could not take the ferry back home.  Some one in the car was NOT HAPPY about this...
"I want to go on the Ferry!!"

I think my favorite part is when Ellie and Savannah decided to impersonate their younger Sister...
You know what they say...imitation is the highest form of flattery.  Madelyn however wasn't so sure.  Moroni and I gave it two thumbs up and decided that our life is a pretty great ride!  With or with out the ferry.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hold on a little longer.

Today I was touched by many different things.  Church always brings me different experiences that make me that much closer to my Savior.  A story from the pulpit hit me hard.  It reminded me that I had to "Hold on a little longer."  I then came home and I found this amazing article by Pres. Dieter F. Uchtdorf titled "Hold on a little longer."  Here is just a piece of it: "If ever you are tempted to become discouraged or to lose faith, remember those faithful Saints who remained true in Kirtland. Hold on a little longer. You can do this! You are part of a special generation. You were prepared and preserved to live at this important time in the existence of our beautiful planet earth. You have a celestial pedigree and therefore have all the necessary talents to make your life an eternal success story."

This past week I was reminded over and over again to keep the Faith and to stay on course.  I was also reminded to "Hold on a little longer" Violet's smiles..

To "hold a little longer" the sweet moments of making sweets with my sweethearts...

To "hold on a little longer" to my hubby's hand.
To "hold on a little longer" to friendships that will last forever.
To "hold on a little longer" to great memories and great family.

And to "hold on a little longer" and know that the stresses of this life will pass.  So I am going to "hold on," and keep praying for the strength to know when to let go.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The highly awaited pictures...

Violet Elaine's blessing day pictures...

There are few things I truly KNOW in life.  But I know with my whole heart that Violet was meant to come to our family and complete it.  Thank you to each of our girls for choosing us as your parents. How blessed we feel.