Monday, October 31, 2011

30, tricks, 9 months and funny faces. That about sums up our awesome life.

The time that everyone has been waiting for as come and gone...MY BIRTHDAY! I love Birthdays.  I love my kids Birthdays, my families, friends and of course I love my own.  This year was a great landmark for me.  I said goodbye to my amazing 20s and welcomed in a new decade of life.  I am truly so excited to be 30!  It was an amazing Birthday with wonderful surprises.  After counting them all up, I figured out that Moroni either planned or helped plan 30 surprises.  I felt so loved and it was a great week!!
My honey and me on my Birthday date.
My AMAZING kids and their wonderful artwork.

Next came HALLOWEEN!  Our girls love dress up and this holiday is right up our alley. 

Ellie as a black cat.
Savannah as Tinkerbell.
Madelyn as a dancing princess.

Then there is Violet who celebrated her first Halloween and her nine month Birthday all in one day.  She is so wonderful and a pure joy to have in our family. 
Violet as a Ballerina.
She wasn't so sure about trick or treating.
Mommy and Violet.  Happy 9 months!

Now comes the funny faces.  Our kids get more fun everyday...

That about sums it up.  I know, our life is pretty great!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Great week!!

Some weeks are just better than others, and this was a GREAT WEEK!  Our parents from TN came to visit and we had too much fun.  The only thing that wasn't fun was the weather...

Here we are freezing and posing by the "Bay."  Sorry Mom and Dad that we couldn't show you nicer weather!
So we spent a lot of time coloring,
and making dessert.
and even more dessert. ;-)
There was lots of hugs,
smiles, laughter, did I mention dessert, and most importantly time.  We truly had a wonderful week...
and we will miss them terribly!!!  Love you Mom and Dad.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Trick or Treat Trail

Fall.  Many wonderful things happen in Fall.  The leaves change, the world becomes even more beautiful, and you get to wear all those cute sweaters that have been patiently waiting for you in your closet.  Another great event happens in Fall, no it's not my Birthday.  It's Halloween!!  Years ago this holiday never left me feeling all warm inside and frankly I could of done with out it.  Having children however really does change everything.  I think this holiday is so much fun now!!  I love dressing up our girls and doing fun family things together, especially if there is free candy in the end.  All week long I had been hearing from different friends about this fun Trick or Treat trail that takes place at this local park.  It was terribly windy, a little cold, but turned out to be a blast.  We had so much fun and the girls loved yet another new adventure in our new home.
The one thing I didn't realize was that the "trail" literally meant a trail through the woods.(note to self: do not wear heeled boots next time!)
We had to register in advance to make sure we each got a free pumpkin.  Have I ever mentioned I love free stuff??
Great photo-ops.
No Trick or Treat trail would be complete with out balloon animals.

It really was a fun and very busy day.  I won't bore you with the details, but lets just say I ended the day almost calling 911 because I thought someone was trying to break into our house and it turns out it was just great new friends trying to surprise us with treats on our doorstep.  All of it allergy safe for our kids.  I guess sometimes the scariness of Halloween can really get to me.  ;-)

On a complete side note: Violet tried to eat cheerios for the first time today.  I will let you judge for yourself her thoughts on this...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

So I'm a little behind...

My parents came last weekend and we spent the weekend having fun, eating yummy food and watching our church's two day conference. It was amazing.  On Sunday the girls decided that they weren't going to let Mana and Papa leave!

We did a back rub chain.
Savannah loved watching the president of our Church speak.  Over-all, great weekend!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

These are the moments.

When you turn 8 months some thing just seem to happen...

You have your great Moments..."Yay, I'm 8 months!"

Your okay moments.
Your excited moments.
Your content moments.
Your happy moments.
Your thinking moments.
Your hanging out moments.

And over-all we just each take a moment to realize how grateful we are that Violet is here.  Happy 8 months baby girl.