Monday, September 19, 2011

What is love?

This little girl in the above picture can crack you up, make you want to pull your hair out and want to hug her all at the same time.  Today however there was a moment when all I wanted to do was thank Heavenly Father that we were sent Madelyn...

Madelyn and I were snuggling in my bed after she had woken up from nap time.  I decided to play "which do you love more" game. 
I asked her "Do you love de de(her blanky) or blanket more?"
Madelyn: "de de"
"Do you love Daddy or Mommy more?"
Madelyn: (big smile) "The same."
"Do you love de de or Mommy more?
Madelyn: "Mommy!" (I have to say that one shocked me)
Then finally the most important question..
"Do you love Chocolate or Mommy better?"
Madelyn: "CHOCOLATE!!"

I knew she was my daughter!  I love you Madelyn Ann.

Monday, September 12, 2011

50% relaxed!

A weekend full of family fun starts when my favorite Sister in the whole world comes to visit, bringing my favorite Bro named Dave.  To put the cherry on top, my parents came too!  The girls were in Heaven.

My Sister...nough said!
Frisbee anyone?
Savannah wearing Papa's shoes.
Mana and Violet
Madelyn and Auntie
Papa and Ellie.  On a side note my Dad never rode rides with us as a kid.  Only his sweet little grandchildren could talk him into it.
The two Marilyn's!

I still think my favorite part was when my favorite Sister took me for a pedicure.  It was so relaxing.  Moroni however, was left at home with all our guests, kids and making dinner.  Well, at least I was relaxed. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

She's all mine!!!!

And Moroni's, I guess. ;-)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Okay, so I stole my daughters brush.

When you move a few things happen.  You change location, neighbors, friends, grocery store and where everything fits into your new kitchen.  Another thing that happens are things magically disappear in a move.  For example, my brush.  For some odd reason, I cannot find my hair brush.  It's like it vanished into thin air.  So in this situation I have decided to do what anyone else that lives less than five minutes away from Target and Wal-Mart would do.  I stole one of my daughter's brush.  That's right.  I went and took Ellie's brush and I have been using it ever since.   I had to laugh at myself as I brushed through my hair this morning.  I thought wow, life is grand I am here in a new place using my daughters "Tangled" hair brush.  I think we all need a good laugh sometimes.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Day

Why is the first day of school so hard?  For months the kids are driving you crazy, they're bored, they're hungry and they seem to fight more.  And yet when the day comes that someone else will watch them all day for you, I have the hardest time.  I miss them.  I miss our talks, our play time, and their laughter.  So today is the first day of our new school and this year was the first day I said goodbye to two of my kids for the whole day.

Savannah our Kindergartner. 
Favorite quote "Mom, I want to stay home tomorrow." Me: "Savannah you have to go to school."  "Mom, can't I have a day off already?"  ;)

Ellie our 2nd grader.  She just looks older.
Favorite quote "Mom, I made new friends."  Me: "Great what's their name?"  "One is Emily and the other one is long and starts with a C." 

Then there is our 3 year old that is starting a preschool with just Mommy and Violet. 

How blessed I am that I get to be there when they get home.  Here's to a new year!