Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Things to catch up on...

Life has been crazy but great!  So, to catch you all up here are just some fun pictures of us over the last month...
Yes, the ever fun Cow Chip festival!
Ellie throwing her first cow chip...I have never been prouder:)

Watching the Parade.

Uncle Dave came for the fun and the candy!

Just the five and a HALF of us at the Zoo.

The Zoo has the coolest art work. It's displayed all around the Zoo.


Madelyn loves Giraffes

Just us girls being silly.

Last and not least you have to ride the carousel.  No Zoo trip is complete with out it!

Well, we try to have a lot of family time and we LOVE every minute of it.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Green Hoodie

Lately life has been throwing one curve ball after another.  It seems as though I adjust to one new ball and then here comes another one.  You can feel very over-whelmed and wondering how it is all going to work out.  I have decided to remember and write down all the Miracles we have been blessed with.  The list seems never ending these days and my gratitude is over-flowing. 

A new miracle got added to my list this weekend.  I had been having a rough time adjusting to a new way of life and I was out with my dearest friends doing some shopping.  For over a year now I have been looking for the perfect "hoodie."  Some may wonder why it has taken me so long to find?  I guess you can just call me picky.  Well, we were out and there it was the perfect hoodie AND it was on clearance!!  I was in love.  The only problem was unlike when I fell in love with my soul-mate, this time I fell in love with two different hoodies.  One was black and one was green.  My non-pregnant self yearned for that green hoodie but my conventional self said go with the black.  So, I put the green hoodie back and strolled up to the register. All the way I felt proud that I was only buying one and sad because I truly wanted the other. 

The night moves on I am then swept up in an evening of intrigue.  First, one friend swept me out of the store right after I checked out to go to another store.  Second, another friend insists on carrying my bags to the car for me.  Third, I get to the car and this same friend won't give me my things back until I let her know I need my keys.  Weird moments but nothing too "off."  After more laughs and fun, I head home and retrieve my black hoodie.  I grab the bag and realize "that's not my bag."  You see there were TWO hoodies in it.  One black and one green.  After a moment of confusion the events of the evening came together for me.  My dear friends who know my heart so well, bought me that green hoodie that I so wanted.  They bought it and surprised me with it.  I was moved more than they will ever know.  That simple act might not of been a big deal to them, but that green hoodie will forever remind me of how loved I am and how blessed.
The pictures will not do this justice.

So, to those who are in need of a "green hoodie" I pray that you find friends like mine that love you enough to get one for you!  Love you "clack!"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Favorite quotes...

Lately our kids keep saying the funniest things.  Here is just a taste of a few...

"You so funny Mommy." -Madelyn (remember, she just turned two).

"I really don't like that name." says Moroni.  "You're right, you don't like LOVE it.  HAHAHAHA" -Ellie

"I love you Mommy, 192." says Savannah. 
"Oh honey I love you so much too."
 "But I love Uncle E and Aunt H... 201...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!"
"Actually Mommy, I love you 192 and love Daddy Google Google!"

I guess I am just glad our kids got their Dad's humor:).

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's a....


We are now blessed with FOUR daughters.  Our girls are so happy, and are coming up with lots of girl names.  Here is the list so far...

Caitlin. Violet. Julie. Susan. "Baby."

The funny part is the fact that we thought Ellie would be our only girl, so we gave her three names.  How little we knew back then. I do like the girls list so far though ;-).

Thursday, September 2, 2010

All cried out!

Raise your hand if you were sad when your kids went to school.  Raise your hand if you cried on your kids first day of school.  Raise your hand if you cried the day before school started and didn't stop until you went to bed.  Oh that's just me! :)  I am so tired of my "emotional self" (that was for you Amy).  The blessing of it all was the peace I felt that night as Moroni gave each of his girls a Fathers blessing.  Even Madelyn wanted one.  I guess sometimes I get this over-whelming feeling of being so blessed and with that I feel a responsibility to enjoy it all and to always be grateful.  The silver lining to all my emotions is that my kids LOVED school.  They were so happy.  Savannah has fallen in love with a girl named...Savannah.  Ellie loves everything and everyone.  Madelyn is just not sure about any of this but the "baby" is getting a lot more kisses these days.  So the gratitude is pretty easy to find after-all!!
Ellie at her prettiest!
Savannah can barely contain her excitment!  Pretty blue eyes!!
Madelyn decided she was not getting out of the car yesterday.  Notice how she is covering all the "buckles" of her car seat.  It also looks like she is covering other things ;-).

I guess I am just grateful that I only have 21 more weeks on my pregnancy emotional roller-coaster!!  That truly is something to be grateful for.