Saturday, October 27, 2012

Well, never say I didn't warn you!

It has come to my attention that I have been neglecting something that use to be quite important to me.  I use to spend many hours doing it and many hours just thinking about it.  The object in question...eating CHOCOLATE.  What did you think it was?  Oh, my blog?  I guess I haven't been doing that much lately either.  :)

Seriously though, this is not me making a promise that my blog will all of a sudden contain pages of new material or endless pictures.  This is my promise however that I did not forgot about this long lost love and if I ever own my own computer again, I will faithfully return to this once fun past time.  Until then I only promise a glimpse here and there.

This weeks glimpse...

Moroni is starting to win the battle of Violet's heart.  I really thought this kid was 100% in Mommy camp.  But alas, Moroni truly has a gift.

I turned 31 this past week.  I have truly enjoyed the last 31 years of my life and I hope I pray I get many more.  I loved the fact that on this Birthday I got to spend time with our family, a few friends and best of all I was not pregnant or nursing.  It was truly a glorious day.  Thanks Mom and Dad for bringing me into this world.  Moroni especially is grateful. 
Tune into our next installment of The Captain and his Angels.