Wednesday, November 10, 2010

FALLing and Thrill seekers

We have had a very fun filled week.  For those who have been to our home, you know that we have beautiful trees that surround it.  We enjoy them very much especially in the Fall.  Raking has become our past time and our entertainment.

Stop and pose...please:)
She really is starting to look older.  I'm not ready!!!
Beautiful BLUE eyes!
I am still cleaning up leaves after all this leaf fun.

Next part of the fun was our first trip to an indoor amusement park called Knuckleheads.  It was so much fun and I have come to find out that our oldest is quite a THRILL seeker.  Ellie just loved all the rides and wanted to do them over and over.  Poor Moroni was saddled with a 7 month prego wife that couldn't ride with the kids on anything.  So he had to go on everything at least 3 times and I do mean at least:.

Ellie's first real ride.  It went forwards, backwards and I'm pretty sure Moroni is still sore.
Savannah got her turn.
Daddy and Madelyn flying a plane.
Choo CHOO.
This is the ride...the one I looked at and thought "there is NO WAY I will let the girls ride this one."  Well, I was chatting with some other Mom's when another sweet friend came up to me and said that the girls were riding the "big" one.  I ran(well waddled) over and couldn't believe me eyes.  I saw three of my favorite people strapped in and being prepared to be dropped and picked back up, over and over.  I pulled out my camera because the look on Savannah's face said it all.  This would be her first and ONLY time riding this one.  She didn't scream or yell.  She just looked freaked.  Ellie however was having the time of her life.  So something in that moment was made perfectly clear Ellie was just like her Daddy and Savannah was just like me.

Lucky girl!


  1. Oh my gosh! I can't believe Savannah got on the awful ride. Poor, poor baby!!!! :-(
    There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that appeals to me about any of those rides. Except for maybe the choo choo.

  2. How fun!! I love the leaves, your girls are so beautiful. Loves and hugs!