Monday, August 16, 2010

Facing fears, visiting family and a girls weekend in!

For the past few weeks Ellie and Savannah have been taking swim lessons.  Every morning we would get up, eat breakfast, get our suits on and away we went.  Granted there were morning that I couldn't go or that a friend or family member would take them for me.  But we were very blessed and the girls learned so much!
Ellie and Savannah all ready for their last day.
Savannah's class doing the train...choo choo!
Ellie was TERRIFIED to jump off the blocks.  She would get up there, look down and say "NO WAY!"  Finally on her last few days she started to get more brave and this is what happened...
She did it!! Way to face your fears Ellie.

This weekend brought the Baptism of one of our dear nieces.  I being way to under the weather to travel stayed home with Madelyn while Moroni took Ellie and Savannah on a little road trip.  While they were gone my Sister came and we had a great girls weekend.  Madelyn really missed her sisters.  Mommy and Aunt Mar were no match for her sisters endless energy.  Moroni, Ellie and Savannah traveled the four hours and had a blast with family.
We LOVE our MN family!!
When they arrived the fun started right away.  They put a sprinkler under the trampoline.  It was a wet and wild good time.
There is always time for good food, and Aunt Nicole is a GREAT cook!
Princesses anyone?
We are so proud of you Rachel and so grateful that part of us could be there. 

What a blessing it is to know what we know!!  Thank you to all of our family and friends who helped make this weekend so great! 


  1. Your girls are SO cute! I would still love to meet Ellie! When you are feeling better, we'll have to make a plan to get together.

  2. Our swim lessons only last 2 weeks. All those princesses are adorable.