Sunday, August 22, 2010

My husband is my HERO!!

Moroni set a big goal for himself a few months back and ever since has taken the steps to accomplish it.  Him and his buddy decided to train and run a half marathon together.  They have spent hours running and I have spent hours missing him.  All his hard work came to a head this past Saturday when Moroni ran his first half-marathon.
Moroni and Eric just beginning their run.  See you in two hours.
While the boys were running, us running widows and our kids had to keep busy.  Here are the girls dancing to a fun band.
Savannah and her buddy Max had a jumping contest.  Which was fun until Madelyn wanted to do it too:).
Heidi(the other widow) and our kids looking out at boats.
Madelyn trying to eat Molly's food.
My buddy Jace just chillin!
So now the time has started to run out and we were waiting by the finish line for our Dad's to come.  Here the kids are giving high fives to all the runners that passed by.  It was so CUTE!!
THERE THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They did it!!!  Moroni and Eric ran the whole time and ended with a great time of 2 hours and 6 minutes.  Look at those "Hotties."
"We're so proud of you Daddy!!"
He earned that medal! 
Great race, great buddies and a great day!  Us widows are looking forward to the next big race. When our hubbies are done training Heidi and I are going to do our own race through a few malls...that's only fair right?? :)

So proud of you Moroni!!  I love you.  Thank you for teaching me to set goals and accomplish them!!!


  1. I would like to go on and on about how proud I am of Moroni. Really, I would. And honestly, I am proud of him.

    But seriously, Deb, I just can't gush about Moroni because all I can think about is that absolutely horrible picture you posted of me on your blog. Do I really look like that? I shall never, ever wear that outfit again. And please make me put on a hat next time I have to wake up at 4:50 in the morning. And remind me not to slouch too. ;-)

    PS Yay, Moroni!!

  2. Aww Heidi, I was just thinking how cute and skinny you looked and I don't even know you!! Congrats to Moroni! That's so awesome!