Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Green Hoodie

Lately life has been throwing one curve ball after another.  It seems as though I adjust to one new ball and then here comes another one.  You can feel very over-whelmed and wondering how it is all going to work out.  I have decided to remember and write down all the Miracles we have been blessed with.  The list seems never ending these days and my gratitude is over-flowing. 

A new miracle got added to my list this weekend.  I had been having a rough time adjusting to a new way of life and I was out with my dearest friends doing some shopping.  For over a year now I have been looking for the perfect "hoodie."  Some may wonder why it has taken me so long to find?  I guess you can just call me picky.  Well, we were out and there it was the perfect hoodie AND it was on clearance!!  I was in love.  The only problem was unlike when I fell in love with my soul-mate, this time I fell in love with two different hoodies.  One was black and one was green.  My non-pregnant self yearned for that green hoodie but my conventional self said go with the black.  So, I put the green hoodie back and strolled up to the register. All the way I felt proud that I was only buying one and sad because I truly wanted the other. 

The night moves on I am then swept up in an evening of intrigue.  First, one friend swept me out of the store right after I checked out to go to another store.  Second, another friend insists on carrying my bags to the car for me.  Third, I get to the car and this same friend won't give me my things back until I let her know I need my keys.  Weird moments but nothing too "off."  After more laughs and fun, I head home and retrieve my black hoodie.  I grab the bag and realize "that's not my bag."  You see there were TWO hoodies in it.  One black and one green.  After a moment of confusion the events of the evening came together for me.  My dear friends who know my heart so well, bought me that green hoodie that I so wanted.  They bought it and surprised me with it.  I was moved more than they will ever know.  That simple act might not of been a big deal to them, but that green hoodie will forever remind me of how loved I am and how blessed.
The pictures will not do this justice.

So, to those who are in need of a "green hoodie" I pray that you find friends like mine that love you enough to get one for you!  Love you "clack!"

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