Thursday, September 2, 2010

All cried out!

Raise your hand if you were sad when your kids went to school.  Raise your hand if you cried on your kids first day of school.  Raise your hand if you cried the day before school started and didn't stop until you went to bed.  Oh that's just me! :)  I am so tired of my "emotional self" (that was for you Amy).  The blessing of it all was the peace I felt that night as Moroni gave each of his girls a Fathers blessing.  Even Madelyn wanted one.  I guess sometimes I get this over-whelming feeling of being so blessed and with that I feel a responsibility to enjoy it all and to always be grateful.  The silver lining to all my emotions is that my kids LOVED school.  They were so happy.  Savannah has fallen in love with a girl named...Savannah.  Ellie loves everything and everyone.  Madelyn is just not sure about any of this but the "baby" is getting a lot more kisses these days.  So the gratitude is pretty easy to find after-all!!
Ellie at her prettiest!
Savannah can barely contain her excitment!  Pretty blue eyes!!
Madelyn decided she was not getting out of the car yesterday.  Notice how she is covering all the "buckles" of her car seat.  It also looks like she is covering other things ;-).

I guess I am just grateful that I only have 21 more weeks on my pregnancy emotional roller-coaster!!  That truly is something to be grateful for. 


  1. I hope they all have a great school year, it's difficult to see them all grow so fast! When do you find out if you are having a boy or girl??

  2. I hoe they have fun in school. They look so pretty.