Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Too many pictures to count!

To describe our life is the last few weeks using only three words I would say...busy, busy and busy!!  We have had field trips, bowling(forgot the camera), out to lunches(completely free), hanging with family and friends, shopping and of course Easter!  What a wonderful Easter weekend.  The girls of course loved their Easter gifts but mostly this Easter we really talked about why we celebrate Easter.  We talked about what Jesus Christ did for us and what a blessing that truly was.  Ellie, Savannah and even Madelyn really got into it.  They asked a lot of questions and really retained why we celebrate it.  Even this morning Madelyn took out the scriptures and starting talking about how Jesus died for us.  I was so moved and I truly had a moment where I felt like I was a pretty good Mom.  No Easter however is complete with out the traditional Easter dresses.  When I was little my sweet Mom always made mine.  I am not as talented as she is, but I did want to do something extra special for the girls.  So I made each one of their hair pretties to match the dresses I found.  It took me a couple of hours but I was so happy with how they each turned out. 
Isn't Violet so pretty? 

Madelyn just makes you smile!

Savannah is such a "poser"
Ellie is yellow.  What a good combo.
All of my parents Grandkids on Easter.  They have such fun together.
Our FOUR princesses.
The Easter bunny was a big hit again this year.
Violet and Auntie Mar..ZZZZZZZ

Moroni got to go with Ellie's class to the Cave of the Mounds.  They had such a good time.  They especially liked the part where the rock "glowed."  Ellie just LOVED having Daddy there.

So truly BUSY BUSY BUSY is an understatement!

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  1. Oh my goodness! Your girls are adorable in their Easter dresses. I love how you focused on Christ during the season.