Monday, October 31, 2011

30, tricks, 9 months and funny faces. That about sums up our awesome life.

The time that everyone has been waiting for as come and gone...MY BIRTHDAY! I love Birthdays.  I love my kids Birthdays, my families, friends and of course I love my own.  This year was a great landmark for me.  I said goodbye to my amazing 20s and welcomed in a new decade of life.  I am truly so excited to be 30!  It was an amazing Birthday with wonderful surprises.  After counting them all up, I figured out that Moroni either planned or helped plan 30 surprises.  I felt so loved and it was a great week!!
My honey and me on my Birthday date.
My AMAZING kids and their wonderful artwork.

Next came HALLOWEEN!  Our girls love dress up and this holiday is right up our alley. 

Ellie as a black cat.
Savannah as Tinkerbell.
Madelyn as a dancing princess.

Then there is Violet who celebrated her first Halloween and her nine month Birthday all in one day.  She is so wonderful and a pure joy to have in our family. 
Violet as a Ballerina.
She wasn't so sure about trick or treating.
Mommy and Violet.  Happy 9 months!

Now comes the funny faces.  Our kids get more fun everyday...

That about sums it up.  I know, our life is pretty great!


  1. Deb you look so pretty in these pictures! You always look hot, but in these pics you look so young and beautiful, like they were taken 10 years ago. 30 already suits you well! Love you much friend. Miss you too.

  2. Glad everyone is finally feeling better! Such cute pictures!!!!!