Monday, November 7, 2011

It's pretty much just about pictures

Blogging has been a little bit harder recently since my laptop crashed.  Now I only have use of a computer for a few hours a day and I don't really like to spend all my time on it during those hours.  So here are just some fun pictures and highlights from our past week.

My amazing, wonderful, fun, beautiful friend Jen is moving this week.  So last week we had our last big party with our kids together.

Jen and Savannah.  She really is so much fun!!!
Our kids have become such good buddies.
Jen, I will forever call you friend and I am grateful for the past few months that we have had to re-connect.  What a great person and Mother you are.  See you soon...

UNCLE DOUG CAME!!  That is all I heard all day Saturday.  Our girls are quite in love with my Brother Doug.  Not that I blame them, he really is pretty cool.  Here are the fun times we had...

We all can't wait to do it again. 

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