Saturday, July 10, 2010

"Baby" is 2!!!

If you ask our youngest what her name is she will respond simply "Baby."  She knows who the rest of her family is.  However, every time with out fail when we get to her..."Baby."  Well, this Baby of ours AKA Madelyn turned 2 today!  I still can't believe it was two years ago.  Time has truly flown since she was born.  I feel like I blink and there goes another year.  Madelyn(baby) just gets more beautiful inside and out everyday.  She makes everyone around her smile.  She is funny, talkative and loves her sisters.  Most of all I look at her and realize she was worth every day of sickness, every pound gained and every horrible stage of recovery I had after I had her.
I'm 2!!!
All my family came to the water party!
"Baby" on the swings with her cousin Rachel
We all enjoyed PIZZA!
Madelyn and her cake...I know not my best work:)
I does she keep getting cuter??
She loves cake.  I told her we were going to go eat cake and she jumped up and ran to the kitchen.
Madelyn with Mana and Papa.  She just loves her family.

We love you so much Madelyn and we're all better because your a part of our family. 
Happy Birthday "Baby."


  1. She has the best smile!! Happy Birthday Madelyn!!!

  2. Awww! Happy Birthday sweet Madelyn!

  3. PS We used to call Moroni "baby" until last year:-)