Thursday, July 8, 2010

Who says you need to be well to have fun??

This past weekend was spent with two very sick Mama's, 2 over-worked Dads, and five kids loving every minute of it!!  We had our dear friends the Kochs in for the weekend and as always it did not disappoint.  Kristen and I of course were so under the weather that we spent four days on the couch's.  Oh how we wished for the outside!! Moroni and Ryan spent their time serving us and keeping the keeps happy.  The kids just loved having someone to play with 24-7(even though they always have a sibling to play with...I guess it's just not the same).
Here are the four girls in their matching 4th of July dresses. 

Tyler with the girls.  So cute!

Madelyn didn't like being left out of the last picture.
What's summer without a....
Slip and Slide??
Savannah would run up to the slide, stop and push herself down on her knees.  It was hilarious.

Over all it was a fun weekend and I don't know when I will fully recover:).  Thank you wonderful friends for a great visit...we love you!!


  1. Talk about fun!! Hope you feel better soon. Love ya!

  2. I love all the matching dresses. I was looking forward to seeing you at the ward dinner and was so sad when you weren't there. But want you to know I was thinking about our Barbie cake adventures yesterday when I was working on a hawaiian barbie cake (lol). I will email pics.

  3. So cute! Hang in there chee! Love you!