Monday, July 19, 2010

Remember when I said I like surprises??

So a few months back I did a whole post about the fact that I love surprises.  I talked about a great birthday I had, a perfect proposal, shopping and some amazing Godiva Chocolate Cheese cake.  Well, sometimes surprises come in the form of a piece of white plastic with two bright blue lines on it.  SURPRISE, your pregnant!  There are some similarities between the two surprises.  One, like eating the Godiva Cheesecake this one will also make you gain weight.  Two, like a great birthday party this one may gain me a few presents.  Three, like our proposal when I found out about this surprise Moroni was also on one knee but this time he was checking on his wife while she was hyperventilating.  Four, I get very hysterical and a little nuts when I go shopping.  Just like how hysterical I was the whole day and weeks after we found out. 

So I guess the thing you can always say about me is I am consistent:). 

Welcome to our family baby number four!!


  1. LOL! I especially like the comparison of your proposal to when Moroni was on one knee while you hyperventilated after learning you were pregnant!! Too funny!!!

    Welcome to a great family, Baby #4!!

  2. PS I love the 196 days to go at the side of your blog. Too cute!

    But really, Deb...who's counting, right?

  3. Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that surprise us the most. Hope you're feeling better!

  4. we're excited for you!!! We're also praying for a happy, healthy pregnancy! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!