Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fun pics, funny story and a big brown box

The weather has been great these past few days.  You would never believe it is October in WI.  Here are some fun things the girls have been up to...
Madelyn likes this chair.  The funny part is it is totally breaking.
Ellie decided to do her homework outside under a nice umbrella.  She loves Math so much that she does extra Math work every night.
Savannah decided to try out some new "skates" our sweet friend Amy gave us.  Thanks Am!
Madelyn was laughing so hard as Daddy and Savannah skated her around our house.  I love the sound of our kids laughter!!
Mana and Papa stopped by this weekend and Madelyn was in 7th Heaven.  She loves Papa more than Mommy.  Papa is her hero.

So onto the funny story.  A couple of days ago a sweet friend brought me chocolates and a card to cheer me up(which it did).  Well, I being a chocolate lover did not want to share.  So when Madelyn asked me what it was I told her it was "medicine."  Well, this morning Daddy decided to sneak some of Mommy's chocolates but when he turned around he found Madelyn standing there.  She looked at him and stated "Daddy that's Mommy's medicine"(in her cute two year old way).  Laughter really is the best medicine of all.

Later on today a BIG brown box came in the mail.  It was a box full of adorable maternity clothes.  My BFFBM Meggie sent me(from Utah) all of her maternity clothes that she thought I would need/love.  It was truly such a blessing and I am already wearing one of her shirts:).  Thank you my dear sweet friend.  THANK YOU to all of my sweet friends that have lent me maternity clothes.  Violet and I are truly enjoying it.

Miracles happen everyday!!


  1. You have the cutest girls! So did you decide on the name Violet or are you just being funny?

  2. Cute pics! I wonder if calling chocolate 'medicine' will work with my kids? And ditto to Julie's question!

  3. Oh my goodness! your girls are getting so big! And they are as gorgeous as ever!!! cute story :) HUGS!!! miss you.

  4. So so glad the 'brown box' made you so happy, that was my goal!! You deserve it my friend! I miss your girls so much. They are so beautiful! Just like their mommy. :) Love you!