Monday, January 3, 2011

It's a what???

7 years ago today we lived in Idaho, going to college and we just had a baby.  Ellie came at 6:45 am.  She took her sweet time and made her Dad and I go back and forth to the hospital 4 days in a row.  Finally, I was so stubborn and I said I wasn't going back.  Moroni actually had to make me go to the hospital because he was pretty sure it was time.  About 15 minutes after checking in Ellie was born.  She also was a GIRL.  We thought for sure she was a boy.  The funniest part is the fact that the doctor laid her on me and never said the gender.  I looked down and with a gasp said "It's a GIRL??!!"  While Moroni with an even louder gasp said "IT'S A GIRL???????"  With tears running down my face I looked at our sweet daughter for the first time and I knew what heaven felt like. 
Thank you Ellie for making me a Mom.  I love you.

Here's to another 107 years...


  1. Happy Birthday Ellie! Your card will be late. I remember coming to visit you in the hospital!

  2. Little did you know there would 3 more girls to come behind you Ellie.