Saturday, January 22, 2011


I think as a Mom we all agree that there are some days where we want to turn in our two weeks notice and go to some fancy spa!  But, most days are filled with fun, laughter and watching as your children grow and become amazing people.  Madelyn lately has figured out how much Mommy loves hugs.  She will see me, run up, put her arms around me and say "I love you Mommy."  She could do it a million times and I love it every time.  Savannah, has always been affectionate.  She is our cuddle bug.  Today she came up to me and whispered in my ear "I love you Mommy.  You are the best Mommy in the whole world."  Again, never gets old.  Then two nights ago Ellie couldn't sleep.  I went into her room and played with her hair just like my Mom would do to help me relax.  Just when I thought Ellie was asleep she looked up at me and said "Mom, I love you.  And I would never want anyone else as my Mom.  Your the greatest."  I was so touched, that I told her "Thank You."  She didn't understand why I said thank you and continued to fall back asleep.

Today during quiet time Ellie came in and asked me what my favorite colors were.  I told her and went back to what I was doing.  About a half hour later, she comes back in and presented me with this...

She had made me this cute little bracelet with "MOM" on it.  It was also in my favorite colors.  I love the fact that our children are thoughtful little people who love to make others smile.  I'm glad they got that from their Dad!

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