Friday, January 14, 2011

What do you get when you have great friends, a great surprise and the color Violet?

A SURPRISE BABY SHOWER...that's what!!

This past week, my dear friends planned and executed the perfect surprise.  For those who know me even a little, you know that I love surprises.  I just do. I love to be truly surprised, which doesn't happen to often.  This current surprise was no different.  In fact it was just about perfect.  They threw me and our soon to be daughter Violet a violet colored themed surprise baby shower. I was stunned...

I was just planning to go to a cooking class with my girlfriends...who knew??
Great friends brought great gifts and great fun.  I was truly so touched at the out pouring to my family.
What a great group of women that I am privileged to know.  There were even more people involved that are not in this picture.  THANK YOU to everyone who cares for me and my family.  P.S. The decorations were so ADORABLE!
I still have you beat Eric!!!
Here are my three dear friends that pulled the whole thing together from start to finish(Amy, Ash and Heidi).  I am so grateful for such great friends in my life. My heart is full...

Thank you to EVERYONE who has blessed this babies life and she isn't even here yet.



  1. Thats so awesome!! YOu deserve Deb! Love you so much!!

  2. How fun!!! You so deserve it my friend!!! She'll be here very soon! Can't wait to see her. Love the shirt by the way. ;) (P.S. This is Megan by the way)