Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"That's all that matters!"

I have been a little absent lately but I've had a lot of time to think about my life.  About a week ago Moroni and I celebrated something kind of big.  8 years of our fairy tale marriage.  On that day I was sick, tired and all I wanted to do was make him dinner(it was a Sunday after all).  As I struggled through dinner I realized something.  I didn't have an aluminum foil!  You would think this would not normally be a big deal HOWEVER, for this dish I was making it was critical.  I got so upset that I started to cry and Moroni of course being so sweet said "It didn't matter and he didn't need this meal.  He had me and that's all that matters."  It's like my world stopped for a second and I looked at him and realized he was right.  I looked at this face that I had been looking at for almost 10 years and I knew that I was blessed.  Blessed more than I deserve.  Moroni is truly such a wonderful husband, friend and Father.  I look at him and realize that what we share really is all that matters.  So I stopped crying, I came up with a different meal and I am just so happy that in all the stress in my life, I have the one thing that matters most.  I married my best friend. 

Who needs aluminum foil?


  1. So sweet! Congrats on 8 years!!

  2. HUGS! and Happy Anniversary!

  3. So stinking sweet. Who DOES need aluminum foil, anyway!?!!!