Monday, July 11, 2011

All about Madelyn!

Yesterday July 10th, 3 years ago at 10:14 in the morning our little Madelyn entered the world.  She has been our sparkle girl(sometimes more like a firecracker) ever since.  She is loving, funny, sassy and a great older Sister.  One of the greatest joys to watch is when Madelyn sees Violet.  Her whole continence changes.  She smiles and changes her normally deep voice into a very high one.  She calls her "Bi-let" she can't quite get the "v" sound.  She talks to her and you can tell she loves her so much.  I always feared there would be jealousy issues but there never was.  Not even a little.  Madelyn also never walks.  She runs everywhere.  She always seems like she's in a hurry to get where ever she wants to go.  She has a beautiful smile.  Madelyn is truly a JOY and I thank my Heavenly Father for her everyday.  Even if she does color on the walls, have an accident in her underwear or decide that she doesn't need to clean up after herself.  She was meant to come to us and I am so grateful she did!

Her Birthday weekend was fun-filled and busy.  With Violet not feeling well and not sleeping at all at night, and a trip to the urgent care, Moroni and I were a little tired.  However, the party must go on.

It is a tradition in our family that on your 3rd birthday you get to go to Build-a-Bear, pick out your own bear and then build it.  We always have such a blast on this day.  So Saturday that is where we headed.
Madelyn and her Sleeping beauty themed bear named "Trips" short for Triplet.
Picking out the perfect bear.
Got to fill the bear with love.
Bath time.
The perfect outfit was found.
Madelyn was grinning the whole time.  She loved it!  She also loves Trips and wants her to go everywhere with her.

Next came the Birthday party at Mana and Papa's house.  Uncle Dave and Auntie Mar came for some yummy pizza and ice cream pie.  YUM!

Mana and Papa with their daughter's, daughters.  Did that make sense?
Uncle Dave gave Madelyn a great Fancy Nancy book.
Auntie Mar came with a whole bag of Fancy Nancy fun.
Madelyn with Mana and Papa.
Her fav gifts of the day. A cool Barbie phone and Trips.

Birthday!  It was filled with family, fun and more presents from Sisters.   It truly was a great weekend.
"I'm this many!"
"Me and my little Sister."
Madelyn and her cake.  3!!
(Side note: JULIE this was not my best work.  It was a long week with no sleep and I did not have the energy for the perfection you taught me.  Sorry from your lacking student)
Our 4 girls on Madelyn's 3rd Birthday.
She really is a sparkle girl(with a very low voice)!!

I can't imagine my life with out you!  To know you is to love you Madelyn.  Happy Birthday baby.

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