Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sometimes the things that annoy us the most, become what we CHERISH the most!

When I was almost two my parents brought me home something.  It was wrapped in pink and it was pretty darn cute!  This "gift" was my one and only Sister.  Over the years we have fought, yelled, laughed, hugged and shared so much.  As I think of today 28 years ago, I think how GRATEFUL I am that my parents had #5.  With out that, my life would be forever different and a big piece of joy would be missing.  I love my Sister dearly.  Even though she is my little Sister there was always something about  her that I looked up to.  Marilyn always loved those on the "outer circle."  She always had a knack of making people(especially those with disabilities) feel special.  That was something I always wanted to be more like. That is why when we had our second daughter I knew who to name her after.  I wanted Savannah(Marilyn) to be one of those people who accepted differences and loved people for them.

So on this day of my Sister's birth.  I say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONK.  I love you more everyday, and I'm so proud to be your Sister.

Can't wait to see what you do with the next 28 years!

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