Monday, July 18, 2011

Great start. Rough ending.

This past weekend started out with a bang.  We have decided to hit the weekends and hit them hard.  So we started it off with a trip to see my favorite brother(named Doug) and his family in Milwaukee.  The famous zoo was on the menu and it did not disappoint.  We saw lions and tigers and bears...oh my!  The girls loved it.  The only real downer was the heat!  It was so hot that we finally hid out in the wolf house where the AC was pumping and we could all cool down.  After the amazing zoo trip we headed back to a nice and cool pool.  The girls jumped, swam, splashed and laughed...a lot.  It was a great day.  Thank you to the best Brother(named Doug) a girl could ask for.  Can't wait to do it again next year.

All the girl cousins.
Daddy and Violet.
Uncle Doug with the girls.
Ellie and Me!  Aren't those hedges behind us awesome?
April, me and our two girls born in 2008.
Hey, a picture of the two of us.  Who knew?
Pony rides.
Madelyn's first ride. 
Doug and Ellie riding the sky lift.
Train time!

Hello back there!
Thanks to my awesome Bro Doug.  I'm so glad I have such great siblings.

The next part of the weekend wasn't so fun.  Our little Violet has come down yet again with another illness.  We spent over 3 hours at the ER to try to get our baby to breath.  She has Asthma issues and has come down with a bad bronchitis.  So after lots of meds, tests, nurses, hours, friends watching our 3 older kids, smiles and finally even more meds.  We came home and hoped and prayed Violet would keep feeling better.  She is doing better today but still not 100%.  I'm so grateful for all the miracles we have been blessed with like modern medicine.

Yes, that is our sweet 5 1/2 month old with a breathing treatment.

Over-all great start to the weekend.  Rough End.

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