Sunday, July 31, 2011

Peaches, peaches and more peaches!!

I have been too busy to blog over the past few days so, I have a few things to catch up on.  On Wed, with my friend Heidi by my side we decided it was time for us to try canning.  An awesome women from our church came over to Heidi's house to teach us how.  6 hours, 8 kids having different meltdowns, spilled water, two trips to "Boo-U," 3 pizza's and only 21 jars later we can now say we have canned peaches.  I can also say I will probably never do it again.  It was totally worth it though to be able to share yet another funny story with a friend.  That night though I froze blueberries with another friend and that was a lot less painful.

Thursday came more peaches.  This one was in the form of my almost moved dear friend Ash.  Her and her family are moving out West and as happy as I am for her, I'm so sad to see this dear friend go.  She recently had a baby and we were able to beg and plead for her to come out with us one last time. 

Heidi just happy to be done with peaches.
Me and Ash.  She really was a "peach" of a friend!  Miss you already.

As my times come to an end here, I am having a lot of fun with friends and of course my family before I go.  Friday brought my parents to help me with the kids(thank you) and that night brought my hubby home and my ability to go out.  Amy and I hit the town and we hit it hard.  In my case a little two hard because she had to wheel me out of the restaurant.  I probably should of just eaten a peach!
Amy and Me.  Too much fun and much too short. 

There were no real peaches involved in our Saturday adventure but there was a huge boat, lots of swimming, life jackets and of course many sun burns.  It was such a blast and I think my favorite part was parking the boat and all of us jumping off over and over into the water.  It was perfect weather and great company.
All three of the girls were such fish.
Savannah jumping into the unknown. 
Madelyn striking a pose.
Violet was chilling on the boat with some adult at all times.  Our friend's enjoyed holding her anytime they "had" to.
Time for the beach!  Our sand castles never really got too big.

Over-all I am dreaming of peaches in my sleep, yummy food, great friends and then I am woken by my very real sun-burn.  Another week down and two more to go until we start our adventures some where else.  I guess instead of lemons we were given peaches and now I know how to can them.

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  1. Oh my and my lioness hair! Beautiful and lovely thoughts Deb :)--it's not goodbye just see you later!!!