Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Day

Why is the first day of school so hard?  For months the kids are driving you crazy, they're bored, they're hungry and they seem to fight more.  And yet when the day comes that someone else will watch them all day for you, I have the hardest time.  I miss them.  I miss our talks, our play time, and their laughter.  So today is the first day of our new school and this year was the first day I said goodbye to two of my kids for the whole day.

Savannah our Kindergartner. 
Favorite quote "Mom, I want to stay home tomorrow." Me: "Savannah you have to go to school."  "Mom, can't I have a day off already?"  ;)

Ellie our 2nd grader.  She just looks older.
Favorite quote "Mom, I made new friends."  Me: "Great what's their name?"  "One is Emily and the other one is long and starts with a C." 

Then there is our 3 year old that is starting a preschool with just Mommy and Violet. 

How blessed I am that I get to be there when they get home.  Here's to a new year!


  1. Everyone looks so grown up! So glad that you are all doing well -- I was starting to worry when I didn't see you posting. And yes, after 8 years of living in a small town there's just nothing like the feeling of driving 5 minutes to Target or TJ Maxx.

  2. Glad you all made it through the first day! Those first days really stink. :-( I hope they all enjoyed their classes and teachers and new school. And hey, now it's time for a three day weekend! HOORAY!!

  3. Boy those kids are adorable. Even on such a tough day. Way to go MOM!! Your rock!

    Enjoy your super long weekend.

  4. Tell Savannah I think she deserves a day off...