Monday, September 12, 2011

50% relaxed!

A weekend full of family fun starts when my favorite Sister in the whole world comes to visit, bringing my favorite Bro named Dave.  To put the cherry on top, my parents came too!  The girls were in Heaven.

My Sister...nough said!
Frisbee anyone?
Savannah wearing Papa's shoes.
Mana and Violet
Madelyn and Auntie
Papa and Ellie.  On a side note my Dad never rode rides with us as a kid.  Only his sweet little grandchildren could talk him into it.
The two Marilyn's!

I still think my favorite part was when my favorite Sister took me for a pedicure.  It was so relaxing.  Moroni however, was left at home with all our guests, kids and making dinner.  Well, at least I was relaxed. 

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