Monday, September 19, 2011

What is love?

This little girl in the above picture can crack you up, make you want to pull your hair out and want to hug her all at the same time.  Today however there was a moment when all I wanted to do was thank Heavenly Father that we were sent Madelyn...

Madelyn and I were snuggling in my bed after she had woken up from nap time.  I decided to play "which do you love more" game. 
I asked her "Do you love de de(her blanky) or blanket more?"
Madelyn: "de de"
"Do you love Daddy or Mommy more?"
Madelyn: (big smile) "The same."
"Do you love de de or Mommy more?
Madelyn: "Mommy!" (I have to say that one shocked me)
Then finally the most important question..
"Do you love Chocolate or Mommy better?"
Madelyn: "CHOCOLATE!!"

I knew she was my daughter!  I love you Madelyn Ann.

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  1. Lol! Love it! I think that girl has her priorities straight. She is adorable. :)