Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"4"of my favorite things...

Savannah turned four a week or so ago, and Sunday was suppose to be her Birthday Party.  Well, sicknesses are going around and all of my family was sick.  So it was just us and Mana and Papa Hoffer.  So in honor of my "4" favorite things I start out with our newest four year old.  Savannah is so special and so loving.  I love that she loves others and is always content doing what her big sister wants to do.  She is an AMAZING older sister and Madeyln just adores her.  Her love is endless and she truly is a cuddle bug.  We love you more and more everyday Vannie...

Four more candles and another year of her growing

Four fingers...at least we are still on one hand

She truly gets prettier everyday

Our girls with Mana and Papa Hoffer

My next favorite thing is our Madelyn(these are in no particular order).  She is truly our Joy and her happiness is contagious and you CANNOT help being happy around her.  She smiles all the time and LOVES her big sisters more than anything.  She is adorable...and knows it.  She has made many of friends/family baby hungry.  Madelyn you are truly a blessing...

Princess Madelyn

Madelyn a few months back...oh she grows too fast

How do all of our children get prettier everyday?  Here she is debating on if she is going to listen to "Auntie" Kristen or not

Ellie has been a miracle ever since she came to our family.  She is truly one of those spirits that is special.  She loves everyone and you can't help but love her too.  She is a rule follower and expects everyone around her to be too.  She is loving and always befriends those who need one. The name Ellie actually means "the light," which perfectly describes her.  Ellie is truly a light in the darkness.  What joy you bring us Ellie...

Ellie on her 6th Birthday!  BEAUTIFUL!

Ellie and her "Barbie" cake...yes that is a cake with a Barbie in it;-)

Ellie's first day of 5K. 

In my top 4 favorite things my last one is someone who I met over 9 years ago and has forever altered my life.  He truly loves me for me and is always my rock.  Moroni is truly the love of my life and I am so grateful for the life that we share.  He a terrific Father and adoring husband.  Love you...

He's silly and he is all mine:)

Still silly and of course still mine...laughter truly is the JOY of our life!



  1. Moroni...thought that was Itallian not Irish:)j/k We miss you guys...Happy Birthday Savannah!

  2. DEB!!! Oh how I miss you guys! I love that you have started a blog so that I can keep up with you! You have a darling family, seriously, your children are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. They take after their gorgeous mama. LOVE and miss you guys!