Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Dancing with the Sick"

Last Friday I, with an AMAZING committee were in charge of this big family dance for all the families in our community with elementary school age kids. The theme was "Dancing with the Stars." It had it all...dancing with a live DJ with his own light show, bouncy houses, face painting, a star walk of fame, photo opt area and even a photo booth. The best part is it was FREE. Families could come and enjoy and not have to worry about paying for a thing. It was months of work and it felt so good when it was done. It was my first time being the Social Committee Chair for our parent group(GSPIE), and it was such a good experience. I learned so much and I had the BEST committee ever. I think the thing I learned most is I like to party! The weeks leading up to it were stressful and full of things to do. However, that night came and I was on cloud nine. I was running around the whole night making sure everything and everyone were where they were suppose to be, but I LOVED IT! I loved seeing so many people happy and having fun. We had over 360 families attend and the feedback I keep hearing is totally positive.

So you maybe asking why the weird blog title? Well, when ever us Mills party we usually have a casualty. Our Savannah woke up Sunday and let me know she wasn't feeling well. I figured she was just tired and hoped that we could make it to church. She started to feel a little better so we went. Through out church she kept getting more lethargic and hotter. Finally Moroni took her and the other two home. On the way home Savannah threw up all over herself and the car. She then said her throat was hurting. So what happens over the next few days has been nothing but horrible for that little girl. She has strep throat but after another day of throwing up she couldn't take her medicine. Yesterday we ALL went to Madison for her to get double checked and to see if one of us was a carrier for strep throat since Savannah has now gotten it 3 times in 60 days. It was a long day at the doctors and I am just grateful that when I woke up this morning Savannah actually smiled.

So folks this past weekend we had dancing and we had sickness. I guess they are a package deal!

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