Thursday, March 18, 2010

Brownies, HGTV and Friend!

Have you ever had friends in your life that bring a smile to your face just by their voice? Our family has been SO LUCKY over the years with wonderful friends...I hope you know who you are. A couple of weeks ago we were able to go and stay with our dear friends the Kochs. We spent almost two weeks with them and it was so much fun. My Best Friend Kristen and I enjoyed our days and laughed away the nights. Moroni was on a business trip and Ryan and Kristen helped take care of me and our kids. We love you guys so much and your friendship is more than we deserve!! One of last nights there Moroni flew back and us four went on a double date. Below you will see the evidence of what happens with us four get together. Maybe that is why we were separated a few years back!!??

Happy Day after St. Patty's day! Here our the two hotties getting ready to PARTY! No Ryan for the last time I did not steal your pot of gold:). LOL!

My "friend" decided I needed a little more Zac in my life. Here we are together.

Just the four of us eating at our favorite place in Columbus, IN. It is an AMAZING BBQ restaurant that frankly I cannot get enough of. Ryan is deep in thought about what to get Kristen for their anniversary.

Friend and Me! I love you girl!!! Truly if you know Kristen you are better because of it! Also she makes the BEST brownies.

Thank you to the Koch family for loving us and for being AMAZING friends that we thank our Heavenly Father for daily.


  1. Deb-I'm so glad you started a family blog! It will be fun to keep in touch this way as well!

  2. Deb you look so beautiful, as always!