Saturday, March 13, 2010


Do you ever just feel so grateful for your life that you feel you don't deserve it? Do you ever just feel so blessed and you wish you were worthy of those blessings? That is how I feel today. I feel so grateful for the life that I have and the wonderful people that are a part of it. I am so grateful every moment of everyday that a little over nine years ago I was blessed with my best friend, the love of my love and my true soul husband. He is truly my light and loves me more than I deserve. I am so grateful for our children who keep us smiling and keep the clouds away. I am grateful for wonderful family who took time out of their busy schedules this week to spend time with Ellie at school. I am grateful for wonderful friends who call, email or send books in the mail to me. I am grateful for wonderful people on our social committee that worked so hard and pulled off an amazing event last night. I am grateful for laughter, smiles and hugs. Most of all I am grateful for the beliefs I have and for the peace it gives me everyday to do the right things. I LOVE my life. I just hope I can share our wonderful life fully with others and that is what this blog is for.


  1. Hooray! You did it! You created your very own blog! Except you forgot the part about how you're so grateful for me???!!! I"m sure that was just a slight oversight. :-)

    Seriously, so cute!

  2. What a beautiful BEAUTIFUL family!! I really enjoyed looking at all your pictures and YOU, my dear, are an amazing woman! A real woman! I love you!