Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blog Scare

Yesterday I was trying to make our blog a little more pretty.  Well, in the process I lost everything on my blog that I had done for almost a year.  In the grand scheme of life...really no big deal.  However the only reason for my unease was the fact that this blog is kind of like my journal, and my memory in no way could remember all we did this past year.  So, Moroni stated that I needed to "phone a friend" and get some back up.  I decided against it, because I thought who could possibly help me.  I now believe that people's ears really do ring when you talk about them, because a minute later my phone was ringing and this person was on the other line.  So after venting, a three way call, many new tabs being opened and a lot of laughs...our blog made a FULL recovery. 

I believe in miracles BIG and small.  This was a very small miracle...but I will take it!!


  1. Yay for recovery! The blog looks absolutely smashing!

  2. I agree with Jenna. The blog looks amazing. kind of reminds me of one of those big chocolate hollow Easter bunnies.
    What the heck???