Friday, December 3, 2010

Catching up...

It all started with a Truck....

A couple of weeks ago, our van was red flagged, which means we cannot drive it until FORD can fix the axle that is broken.  Well, the thing about fixing something is the fact that you need to have the part in order to fix it.  Long story short, we have to have a rental until the beginning of February.  Sounds fun right?  Not so fun when they want to give you a Ford focus that seats four and you will be having family member #6 in a few weeks.  So with a lot of complaining, brown nosing and sucking up we got what I have found to be Moroni's dream car.  A Ford F150.  It was black, fun and very manly. 
Our three girls all in a row.
Here is the truck.  It was a sad moment when we had to turn this in for the van that we would have until they fix ours.  But, I do know what Moroni is going to get one day for his Birthday:).

We blinked and it was Thanksgiving...

Our pink ladies on Thanksgiving morning.  They enjoyed orange cinnamon rolls while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving parade.  Daddy was gone playing football, so it was a girls morning in.
Uncle Doug and his horsey rides.
Uncle Doug has to get a bigger lap.

The day after Thanksgiving brought us to a pool with some friends...

This is the first time Madelyn was at a pool and she did not scream.  She actually LOVED it.  I was so relieved.  We have finally passed the fear of water stage.  The new one however is fear of the dark.  This one could take a while.
Savannah loving a good swim

Then reality hits...

SNOW is coming.  It was going to happen.  Even if you are not comes.  I was stressing about the boot purchases I was going to have to make and soon.  Well, a friend at church offered these adorable boots for Madelyn.  She said they were reindeer boots and really cute.  This past Sunday she brought them for me and she was not kidding.  Look at these boots...

Could they be any cuter?  YES, they can.  Because Madelyn loves them so much and requests to wear them around the house 24/7.  Her and Savannah actually had a race while they were each wearing their new boots.

So, we had trucks, turkey, swimming and reindeer boots.  Over-all it's been an interesting few weeks.


  1. How fun! I love that you get to have a family of girls! Poor Moroni will have to get a truck just to escape the estrogen as they grow up! I hope you are doing well. I am missing you!

  2. Awesome boots! Clint would love a truck like that one!!