Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Why are people so sweet?  Over the past few weeks we have been blessed with many "sweets" in this house.  All have been made by wonderful friends/family and all safe for our girls.  I have to give a special shout out to one friend who took the very recipe that I posted just a few days ago and made it for our family.  Ellie finally had her first home-made chocolate chip cookie.

Okay this wasn't the cookies, it was a donut from the day before.  But isn't she cute?

I re-connected with an old friend recently and she wanted to know all about our girls.  After I wrote it all down I realized how I would like to share my thoughts about our girls with everyone.  So here goes...

Lets see my girls are AMAZING, if I do say so myself. Ellie is our oldest and she will be 7 in about a week. She is the classic oldest and pretty much always does everything right and is a social butterfly. She loves everyone and is such a special spirit. She is so in-tuned to others emotions and feelings and really feels for them. I truly meant it when I said she was special. Savannah is our almost 5 year old. She looks like a mini-me and is our cuddle-bug. She has always been a Mommy's girl and takes pride that at the moment she is the only one who is. She is different then Ellie because she truly decides if something sounds right to her or not. She challenges you and wants to know why she has to do something. She is more shy, but will always be the most loyal friend you will ever have. She is so special and wonderful.  Madelyn is our 2 1/2 year old and she has fully become a two year old. She is our baby. She does the funniest faces and we call her our little 'ham.' She will crack you up to no end. Her voice is funny in and of itself. It's lower in sound and its so funny to see this cute little curly blond haired girl talk with such a low voice. She loves her sisters and "Sa Sa"(Savannah) is her favorite. She is a Daddy's girl and thinks that he walks on air. She makes you smile by just being around her and she is very opinionated about everything. She talks very well for her age and makes sure you know what she is thinking. Her laugh makes you smile and she really is the sparkle of our lives. Girl #4(we are going to call her Violet) comes in about 5 weeks. I am so curious how she will be and who she will look and act like.
So grateful for our girls!!!

Here are some fun pics from the last week or so....

 Dance party 2010!

There really is a whole lot of SWEETNESS going on right now.


  1. cute pictures, Deb! Also, you gotta love that Jenna and her egg-free cookies. She is amazing!

  2. Those girls ARE CAH-UUUUTE! I'm glad you gave a little blurb on each one of them....we miss you guys and wish we could see you more often! I enjoyed reading about everybody. and can I just say, yay for treats :)

  3. Nevermind about the cookie question:-)