Tuesday, December 28, 2010

She wore blue...velvet.

Christmas was another wonderful holiday for our family. The girls left out the cookies, milk and of course thank you note to Santa. They went to bed and woke to stockings full and gifts to open. It was so fun to see them smiling and enjoying themselves. They are just each so sweet and so grateful.
Our girls Christmas Eve night in their new jammys from Mom and Dad.  It's a tradition to get new pj's.

Ellie and Savannah going through their stockings.
Madelyn liked a gift so much that she went and hide in her toy box.
Our Ellie in her beautiful blue velvet Christmas dress.
This picture took begging, pleading and about 10 takes.  But it was worth it.
This is probably the last family picture minus our little Violet.  These past two and a half years have been wonderful with just our three girls.  They bring us joy, stress, laughter and love.  Ellie, Savannah and Madelyn...you are the best gift your Daddy and I had this Christmas.  Here is to next year when we have four beautiful gifts.


  1. What a beautiful family and beautiful dresses! Where'd you get them?

  2. Such an awesome family. You inspire me to be a better mom!! I love the jammie tradition! :)

  3. BEAUTIFUL! I love their dresses!