Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Where's the apple juice."

 One of my favorite things in the world is water.  I love WATER!  I love drinking water, I love to hear rain drops falling on my home, and I love the sound of the ocean.  Everywhere I go I usually bring a some sort of bottle of water with me.  While I am pregnant however water makes my nausea so much worse.  I simply cannot drink it.  It's a funny thing when you start to crave water:). 
So this morning, I was drinking apple juice and Madelyn was next to me and she was drinking water.  She asked politely for a drink of my juice, which I did give her.  But then she wanted some apple juice in her glass.  Daddy tried to tell her there was water in her glass and that if Mommy put some apple juice in, there would still be water.  But in this cute little two year old's mind I think she thought, "If Mommy puts a little apple juice in my water...the water will become apple juice."  So I did.  I put a little bit of apple juice in her water.  The smile that followed was enormous.  Then she took her first sip.  Looked at her cup, looked at me and finally she uttered..."Where's the apple juice?"

I think next time she will be smart enough to ask for her own apple juice ;-).

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