Friday, August 12, 2011

How it all starts.

It starts with an amazing family and support group.  Where love is unconditional and service and time is never ending.  Thank you Mom and Dad. 
Love you!
It starts with amazing people who sell some stranger a home and make it there mission to welcome, love and serve them.  Thank you Amy and family.

It starts with fun and builds to true friendship.

It starts with Laughter.

It starts with neighbors who truly know the meaning of the word.  Thank you Stephanie, Aaron, Grace and Jack.

It starts with instant friendships that grow quickly and lasts long. Thank you Kristina and family.

It starts with warm weather, water, sunscreen and a bathing suit.

It starts when someone listens and loves you for who you are and brings joy in every step they walk.  Thank you Keri.

It starts with the birth of someone new and with a friendship that lasts.  Love you Erica and family.

It starts when you know someone knows you better than you know yourself and loves you even more for it.  It starts when you know that relationship will truly last forever no matter the distance.  Thank you Heidi and family.  Love you.

It starts with a friend, service and food.  Thank you Jenna.

It starts when you know that nothing is truly ever an ending.  But a beginning.


  1. Deb-
    You radiate beauty, kindness, love and fun where ever you are. Green Bay just needs a some of those gifts right now. We'll miss seeing your smiling face around here on a regular basis but you aren't far ;)

  2. Just getting caught up!! Love to see all the starts - because these friendships will last - with no end in sight!!
    Love you and miss you!