Saturday, August 6, 2011

Two words: Peanut Butter

To fall in love with something truly takes time.  That was not the case however for me and peanut butter.  I love peanut butter. You're probably wondering why I feel the need to express my love for peanut butter?  7 1/2 years ago we were blessed with the reason why.  Ellie.  Ellie is allergic to peanuts.  Her allergy is so severe that we do not even have peanuts in the house.  So my love of peanut butter has been sacrificed for my love for our Ellie(totally worth it BTW).  A few years back however I met another peanut free household.  Eric, Heidi and their family are wonderful friends to have and it's nice to share this with someone even though you would never wish anyone to join this club.  As Heidi and I sat at a playgroup almost 4 years ago we were sharing with everyone what we missed most about Peanuts.  After hearing us whine for a good half an hour someone said we should have a peanut butter party at one of their houses and that way we could eat as much as we wanted.  We have come to do this party ever since and just yesterday we had our fourth annual peanut butter party.  It was fitting to have this party the week before we leave all these wonderful friends...
Heidi, me and our amazing host Kristina.
Yes, this is the table of never ending peanut goodies.  My stomach hurts just looking at it ;).
More wonderful friends.  Also, Jenna(the one with the grey shirt on the end) made me the most amazing necklace and earring set, which I am wearing.  THANK YOU Jenna for being reason #97 why I love it here. 
I made them stop eating to take a photo.  I am so mean.
Talking and eating.  What is better than that?
Me and Heidi really enjoyed our peanut full night.  I still think my favorite part was when Heidi showed up wearing my soccer pin from Middle school.  It was pretty hilarious to see everyone try to figure out who was on her shirt.  What am I going to do with out her and peanuts?


  1. So sad that I couldn't bring the jars of peanuts home with me!!!!

    PS No worries! The PB party will always be planned around your schedule so that you can make it to each and every one in the future!!!!!!!! Eating peanuts without you almost seems like a sin anyway! :-)

  2. My husband sells nuts for his job, so I'm so grateful their are no peanut allergies in our home so far! Any excuse to get together with friends is great, but I love that you had a peanut party!