Sunday, August 7, 2011

"It wasn't a little fun. It was A LOT of fun!!!!!!!!!!!"

For years we have lived by the most beautiful lake and beach and until yesterday we had not gone there to enjoy it.  Luckily with great friends in toe, we made it happen and it was completely worth every bit of sand, laundry and sun-burn that will come with it.  It was truly beautiful.  At one point while we were swimming around I stopped and looked around at the magnificence of the this world and I had a moment of gratitude to our Heavenly Father for gifts such as these. 

Pictures truly do not do is "Justus".  Pun intended.
Lara, Ellie and Jason.  Those three had way too much fun!
Max and Savannah.  BFF's.  Also Savannah did an amazing job swimming. I think we might have a true swimmer on our hands.  It's hard to believe just last year she didn't even want to go in the water.
Lara was helping Ellie learn how to dive in the water.  It was so cute to watch.
Madelyn thinks Eric is so cool.  When ever we go over to their house for a play date, she always asks if Eric will be there?  The funny part is when she sees him she barely says hi.  Girls...what to do with them?
The picture says it all ;-).
Heidi and Molly.  Molly had a fun time with Violet.  She just loved seeing how she was doing.  Heidi, I think Molly will make a really good big Sister.  LOL!
Jason had the coolest goggles.  We were informed when we got home that our two older girls wanted the same ones Jason had. Apparently now I have to go to Wal-Mart.
Violet did so well.  Moroni and I took turns holding her.  The kids loved it when I was holding her because than the "fun one" got to be the diving board so the kids could jump off him.  I wish I could inform the girls that there was a time that I was considered more fun than their Dad.
I'm not a fan of pictures of me in a swim suit.  So much to the point that when my dear friend Heidi tried to take one of me I dove in the water.  However this one of Maddie and Me is pretty darn cute!

A perfect pose to end our perfect day.  So long amazing beach.  Until next time...


  1. What fun to see all of you having such fun. Good luck with finalizing everything for your move this week. Glad you have made good memories these past few weeks.

  2. Hooray for fun at the beach!!! We had a blast as well!!!!! :-)

    PS Should I post the picture of you I snuck when you weren't looking??? :-)