Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This and that

THIS is a day of many emotions.  THIS is my dear friend who came over to help me pack...
THAT is what happens when our kids get together...

THIS is my dear friend Ash, who today moved with her family for new adventures in life.  What you don't see is that I am so deeply sad to see her go.  Over-all though I feel joy and privileged THAT I have been able to call her my friend.

THAT is what happens when you get our "mini" together.  There has to be chocolate involved.

The four of us have had babies together, ups, downs, moves, children issues, weight issues and pretty much everything else you could imagine.  So THIS is where a new chapter begins for Ash and THAT makes me so happy for her and so sad for how much we will miss her and her family.
Love you Ash, and I hope one day you will truly know how much you touched our lives.

1 comment:

  1. I am not so sure I approve of that awful picture of me.

    However, I whole heartedly approve of all of your thoughts about Ashley. What the HECK are we going to do without her???