Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I know, I know, I know...'s been forever! 
 Long story short, my computer currently is taking a vacation and so I am borrowing one from someone that loves me.  We have some catching up to do.  Here goes...

We are enjoying trying new things on the weekends.  We found a great library, great park and a great walk around the river.  
You know how we love to pose!

Violet starting sitting up all by herself.  She was a little over 6 months!!  Today she is 7 months!!!

Moroni's Birthday!!!  Below is when we went to the zoo to celebrate and we "shared" slushies.

Violet kind of wanted some. :)

Violet ate her first food with out having an allergic reaction.  She really enjoyed her organic squish!

Next came the moment we have all been waiting for...the famous amusement park where every ride is a quarter.  It was so fun and the best part was the fact that our dear friends came for a visit!  We love you Amy and family!!

That has been our life for the last few weeks.  We are truly finding so many wonderful people and wonderful memories in our new home.  Also, did you know how great hobby lobby is?  ;-)

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  1. I love Hobby Lobby!! I am so glad you are enjoying your new home. Can't wait to see you next week!