Thursday, April 8, 2010

Crying, playing and chicken nuggets

This morning I had a doctors appt that I have been waiting for, for longer than I care to admit.  To prepare fot it I made sure I went grocery shopping, cleaned up the house and had all toys ready to.  My dear sweet friend Heidi offered to watch my kids so that I could go stress-free to this appt.  As I am leaving, I hear crying, I see playing and I have to make sure I tell her about the chicken nuggets.  The biggest thing I forgot was to tell her THANK YOU!  So Heidi, THANK YOU for driving over 40 minutes round trip.  Dealing with a simi-happy Madelyn, a playful Savannah and on top of it baking me muffin cupcakes! 

I love dear sweet friend!!

So the next time you want to remember the most important thing...write down that there are chicken nuggets in the freezer:-).


  1. was my pleasure! Thank you so much for the very kind words and the sweet post. Watching the kids was a breeze though...there was nothing to it! They were great!!!!

    Also, thank you for was WONDERFUL!!!

    And PS, thanks for appropriately cropping the bottom picture as to leave out certain unappealing aspects of the photograph. Much appreciated, my friend. :-)