Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sometimes you feel like a thumb...sometimes you don't!

Confession...I sucked my thumb until I was in third grade.  I truly did.  I then went through YEARS of orthodonic work trying to fix what I spent years breaking.  I am grateful for parents who spent the money and time to make my teeth better. 

Here I am with my straight teeth and new hair cut.  I like the teeth and I'm pretty sure I like the cut?

Now we have the next generation and our sweet Savannah loves her thumb just like her Mom did.  She truly is my mini-me.  Savannah however had a little friend over a few weeks ago and this friend was getting "gifts" if she stopped sucking her fingers.  Savannah decided that if this friend can get something that she should too.  So it all began, when Savannah stopped sucking her thumb.  We have gone over a week now with Savannah only sucking her thumb in bed.  We are so proud of her.
Here she is smiling and NO THUMB in her mouth.

Savannah just got so tired on our walk today.  She simply laid down in someones yard.

Still resting

Madelyn is so happy for Savannah too.  Or she just loves a good walk?

So here is to all of us who have loved and had to lose their thumb.  I am so happy for our Vannie and we are so proud of her.  Anyone else have a hard time losing some child comfort?


  1. Deb, you look GREAT!!! I don't think you've ever NOT looked great!!! You are FABULOUS! Hooray that she is slowly stopping to suck her thumb, its a tough habit to break. My cousin's daughter is doing the same thing, and they are trying to break her of it! :) Your girls are so darling!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS, SAVANNAH!!!! YAY!! We are so proud of you!!!!

  3. Hi Deb! I refuse to admit what Solei's vice is, but I'm dragging my heels on taking it away completely. It's kind of my vice too :) A lady in our last ward has a lovely daughter who secretly sucked her thumb until she was 15 and gave it up on her own. Teeth were actually okay - I'm not sure how! So maybe there's hope for Solei?? ;)

  4. Lovely hair cut!! Josh had a blankie he loved and would suck his thumb only when holding it. The blankie got lost(for real) when he was about 3. I was sad because it was so much a part of him, but he never sucked his thumb again.