Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Reading Heads and Purple Tongues

Question: Why are children so cute? Answer: So they live long enough to become adults! Our girls are so cute and they say the funniest things. Ellie came home from school yesterday insisting that she "read her teachers head." I was un-clear on what she meant. I asked her to tell me the whole story and she said how her art teacher was giving directions and she followed the directions before they were even given. Her teacher said "I read her head." I started to laugh and couldn't stop. Finally I said "Ellie, do you mean that you read her mind?" "Yes Mommy, I read her brain."

This same afternoon, I was driving along with Savannah and she is working really hard at not sucking her thumb. Well, I had to run in and drop Ellie off at piano and when I came back I had the feeling that Savannah had succumb to temptation. I asked her "Savannah did you suck your thumb?" She said "no." Then for reasons I still do not understand I stated "You know Savannah, if you lie then your tongue turns purple." I then repeated my question she repeated her answer, stuck her tongue out and said "Mommy, is my tongue purple?" Again it’s a good thing our kids are so cute!


  1. Too funny! My mother-in-law has always said it was a good thing Brad was a cute kid otherwise he wouldn't have made it--next time you see him, ask him to tell you about the time his neighbors duct taped him to his porch or about the girl he chased after with a hack saw. 8-}

  2. Ha ha! I love it! You're girls are adorable!!

  3. yep...I always say (about my own kids) it's a good thing they're cute or ELSE!!! Cuteness saves the day again and again in our house.

  4. Hahah!!! DARLING stories :) They put a smile on my face! :)