Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cute Story...

Today we had to take our sweet Savannah into the doctor to see if her strep throat was finally gone. She has had 4 or 5(I have lost count) strep throats since January 18th. I want our sweet girl to finally kick this and get well. She did great and earned herself a Popsicle when we got home. The cutest part however was when we went to leave and the doctor asked her "Savannah where did you get that cute striped sweater you're wearing?" Savannah's had a slight pause and then stated "From my closet." The doctor could not stop laughing and I looked at her and realized she is one cute kid!
Savannah and the sweater in question

Savannah also finished up an Art class she had been taking for a few weeks.  She was so great and she is such a talented little artist.  I'm so proud of her!!  Thank you to my dear friend Amy for watching Madelyn so  I could be a part of Savannah's class.  We are so blessed with great family and friends!!
Here she is getting ready to paint with cars...that's!!
Sweet Savannah with her scary monster.  She did that whole thing.  She sculpted it with clay, painted it and attached the many eyes.  Six to be exact.  What a joy you are Vannie!


  1. Funny girl!! That's a pretty cool monster! Megan is such a fun teacher (I used to work with her at East School).

  2. I love the picture of Savannah in the cute!

    So keep us updated and let us know if she's finally fully healthy!!! I will keep my fingers crossed!

  3. She is such a funny sweet girl. I really miss her and all your girls! Hugs and kisses!