Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ringing off the hook

If you know our oldest you know she is a sunny, outgoing and loving personality. She loves everyone and trusts unconditionally.  The other night we came home from soccer practice and many other activities to find a lot of messages on our machine.  This is not to unusual especially if I was gone for the day.  However, the messages themselves are what I had to scratch my head about.  They were from little boys.  A couple of them.  They wanted to talk to Ellie and were just calling to say "hi."  Mind you Ellie is 6, that's right 6.  Not 16 or 26, just 6...kindergarten.  She is still our baby.  I was very confused until the phone rang again and there was no one on the line.  I kept saying hello until finally a women answered. She said "I'm sorry my Son dialed your number my name is _______ _______ and my Son is_______, do you know why he would be calling you?"  Yes, I did and her name is Ellie. 
So the Mystery was this:  Ellie gave her phone number to every one in her class.  When asked why she did this, she simply stated "because I wanted to talk to them."  We were so surprised and once it set in I realized something.  The only kids that called were boys.  No girls. I'm so sorry Moroni! 

 Here's to anyone who is or lives with someone outgoing, bubbly, life of the party, loving, caring and just brings a smile to your face.


  1. Oh boy(s)!! Ellie is such a sweetheart, it's no wonder your phone won't stop ringing!

  2. Oh dear. Is this just a hint of what's to come in ten more years!?! I can picture it now! The phone will never stop ringing!!! :-)